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Frequently Asked Questions

-01. What is YLW?
Yale Law Women (YLW) works to advance the status of women at Yale Law School and in the legal profession at large. To realize this mission, the YLW Executive Board creates programming, resources, and mentorship opportunities to bolster women’s pursuit of their professional and personal goals. YLW is a non-partisan organization committed to building a supportive community of women at Yale Law School and beyond.
-02. How does YLW implement its mission?
YLW’s advocacy is multi-dimensional. We provide many different types of services for our community, including written resources, programming, and networking opportunities. You can learn more about our latest events and projects on our blog or by reading about the work of our Executive Board. All of these initiatives contribute to building a supportive and collaborative community of women at YLS. We also seek to encourage collaborative learning and transparency in the legal profession by providing support and services to the entire YLS community. For example, the YLW Outline Bank and many of YLW’s written resources are available for the use of all YLS students. YLW also runs the Top Ten Family Friendly Firms Initiative, an influential survey on law firm practices regarding family friendliness.
-03. Who runs YLW?
YLW’s Executive Board is a group of dedicated YLS students who work to advance the mission of YLW. The Executive Board is all volunteers, and YLW is entirely student-run. The names and contact information for the current YLW Board is available here. Information about the specific work of each YLW Board Member is available here.
-04. How can YLS students get involved with YLW?
YLW’s work is made possible by extraordinary contributions from students of all genders. YLW offers three primary outlets for involvement: First, we encourage students to contribute to our written resources by joining the Yale Law Women Publications Committee. The Pubs Committee is open to all YLS students and meets throughout the year to develop resources that make crucial academic and professional information readily available. Second, we invite students to participate in our annual Top Ten Family Friendly Firms Initiative. Students contribute to this important survey of the legal profession both through a reading group that takes place in the spring semester and through a survey team that designs, executes, analyzes, and publicizes our study of work-life balance in the Vault 100. Third, we invite students to slate for the Yale Law Women Executive Board each spring. If you’re a YLS student who is interested in getting involved with the work of YLW, we would love to hear from you! You can connect with us here.
-05. How can YLS alumnae get involved with YLW?
If you’re a YLS alumna who is interested in learning more about the work of YLW, getting involved, or just joining our mailing list, we’d love to hear from you! Alumnae can participate in YLW by giving an interview for our Alumnae Spotlight project, organizing events for other alumnae, or participating in our summer mentorship program. If you have another idea for engaging with YLW, please do let us know! You can connect with us here.
-06. How can a member of the legal community get involved with YLW?
YLW works with many different members of the legal community to advance our mission. We’re always working to bring diverse speakers to campus who can share perspectives, experiences, and advice to current students. We also rely on the generosity of law firms to support our robust programming and resources. We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in sponsoring YLW’s work.
-07. How can prospective and admitted students get in touch with YLW?
If you’re a prospective or admitted student who is interested in learning more about YLW, we’d love to hear from you! You can connect with us here.
-08. What is Top Ten, and how is it related to YLW?
The Top Ten Family Friendly Firms Initiative annually surveys the law firms of the Vault 100 and recognizes the top ten based on the data we receive. The survey covers many important aspects of family friendliness, including billable hour requirements, part-time and flex-time options, parental leave policies and childcare availability. Yale Law Women runs the entire initiative every spring—from creating the survey to processing the data to publishing and distributing the final report. Learn more about Top Ten here.
-09. What is Speak Up, and how is it related to YLW?
Yale Law School Faculty & Students Speak Up About Gender (“The Speak Up Report”) was a study spearheaded by Yale Law Women in 2012. The report, which explored gender dynamics at the law school, was a ten-year follow-up to a 2002 YLW study of the same name. The 2012 report sought to identify gender disparities both inside and outside of the classroom and shine light on how gender dynamics have change at the law school over the past decade. Last spring, over 240 members of the Yale Law community joined YLW for the report's launch event, which included a presentation of the study's methodology, findings, and recommendations. Since its release, the Speak Up report has reinvigorated conversations about the role that gender plays at the law school and within the legal profession at large. YLW has been working closely with students, professors, and the administration to implement the study's recommendations, which seek to eliminate gender disparities both inside and outside of the classroom.
-10. Is YLW affiliated with any other organizations, groups, or parties?
No, YLW is a non-partisan, independent, student-run organization. We do not endorse political candidates, and we do not affiliate with other organizations or causes. YLW seeks to be a supportive and inclusive community for all women at YLS.
-11. Does YLW provide any resources about Title IX or sexual misconduct?
YLW works with the Law School and University administrations to ensure that students who experience sexual misconduct receive the support and resources they critically need. YLW provides access to these resources here. This includes important information about the confidentiality afforded by these resources. YLW has also designed a campaign to raise awareness about those resources among students, faculty, and administrators at the Law School.